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[Action Required] Update regarding Google+ APIs shutting down on March 7, 2019

[Action Required] Update regarding Google+ APIs shutting down on March 7, 2019

per Josep Esteve Brignardelli -
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He rebut un correu de Google Developers avisant-me que a partir del proper 7 de març els canvis den les polítiques Google+ API's poden afectar l'inici de sessió mitjançant l'identificador de la G Suite.

En sabeu alguna cosa? Cal fer-hi res?

Us copio el text del correu que he rebut.


Hello Google+ Developer,

The email below contains your most recent usage of Google+ APIs. It also contains information about important, recent changes to aspects of the shutdown. These changes may help mitigate the impact of the shutdown for some developers. This is the final email that will be sent about this shutdown.

What do I need to know?

On March 7, 2019, we are shutting down the legacy Google+ APIs. This has been a progressive shutdown where calls to affected APIs began intermittently failing on January 28, 2019.

What recent changes were made to the shutdown?

Some APIs labelled "Google+" provide access to basic account information that is critical to sign-in use cases, including for many third-party apps and sites. To help mitigate the impact of the Google+ APIs shutdown on the sign-in use cases, we have created a new implementation of several people.get and people.getOpenIdConnect APIs that will only return basic fields necessary for sign-in functionality such as name and email address, if authorized by the user. The new implementation only allows an app to retrieve the profile of the signed-in user, and can return only basic profile fields necessary for user sign-in functionality.

While we still recommend that developers migrate to alternative APIs such as Google Sign-in and Google People API, for cases where developers are unable to move over before March 7, existing calls made to the legacy Google+ people.get and people.getOpenIdConnect APIs will automatically be served by this new implementation.

Likewise, requests for some OAuth scopes will no longer fail as previously communicated. In most cases scope requests such as those used for sign-in and usage not related to Google+ will no longer return an error as previously communicated. However, other scopes that authorized access to Google+ data such as Circle and Stream information will still no longer be granted. See the full outline of scope behavior here. While we strongly encourage developers to migrate to Google Sign-in, for cases where developers are unable to move over before March 7, scopes required for Google+ Sign-in will now be remapped to existing Google Sign-in (not Google+) scopes, which should allow these legacy applications to continue to use Google+ Sign-In until they can migrate.

See here for full details, including information if you would like to test your application.

What do I need to do?

Please review your projects listed below by March 7, 2019 and ensure they are no longer using affected Google+ APIs. The data below shows which Google+ API methods your projects have recently called, as well as Google+ OAuth scopes it has requested.


  • If you see API calls to people.get, these can be the result of using the Google+ Sign-In feature in your application, which is now fully deprecated and is being shut down. Developers should migrate from the Google+ Sign-In feature to the more comprehensive Google Sign-in authentication system.
  • You may see OAuth requests for plus.me, even if your project is not requesting this scope directly. You only need to remove such requests if your project is directly requesting this scope.
ProjectGoogle+ API NameVersionMethod or OAuth Scope
Nodes (nodes-1199)plusv1plus.people.get

Anything else to know?

Google+ integrations for web or mobile apps are also being shut down. Please see this additional notice.

Thanks for being a valued Google+ Developer.


The Google+ API team