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You can keep up with your English with these activities while we are on lockout.

Feines de francès per fer des de casa.

En aquest curs es compartiran les tasques i deures del grup d'Aula d'Acollida que s'han d'anar realitzant aquests dies que hem de romandre tots a casa a causa de la situació d'emergència que estem vivint. És molt important que en feu un seguiment amb bastant freqüència i si us sorgeix algun dubte, podeu fer-me qualsevol consulta per missatge directe.

Molta força a tots!

Music Homework for the next 15 days

Summarize pages 80, 81,82,83,84,85 and 86 in order.

·         After you explain the main instrument families, you have to explain their subfamilies and do a drawing of each instrument telling to which family and subfamily belongs. You have also to indicate its parts when they are in your book

·         For example, you have to draw a violin and all the bowed string instruments and indicate their parts.

·         Then you have to draw two plucked string instruments: Guitar and Harp

·         Then you have to draw a grand piano (piano de cua, page 81).

·         Then Wind instruments. Summarize. Woodwind instruments and their subfamilies according to their mouth piece and draw one or two instruments of each subfamily, telling to which subfamily belongs.

·         Brass instruments. Summarize and draw the four brass instruments with their parts

·         Organ and other wind instruments. Summarize and draw an organ.

·         Page 84. Percussion instruments. Summarize. Subfamilies: Pitched percussion and unpitched percussion. You have to write which is the difference between both. Draw Timpani, Tubular bells and a Marimba, writing that they are pitched percussion instruments and then draw a Bass drum, a snare drum and cymbals writing that they are unpitched percussion instruments

·         Page 85. Summarize what is a Symphony orchestra, then draw all the instruments in the same place they are in the picture and write the name, only once of each instrument.

·         Page 86. Summarize the sections of an orchestra and the kind of instruments they have. When was the orchestra formed? Write a little of its History.

·         Write about the figure of the orchestra conductor and tell some of the great conductors of the 20th century.

·         Listen to these instruments:


      write the name of the instruments, family and subfamily according to how they are presented in your book


  Write the name of the instruments, their family and subfamily


   Write the name of the instruments, their family and subfamily


  Write the name of the instruments, their family and subfamily


   Write the name of the instruments, their family and subfamily